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A software developer’s musings on software development

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Warning: I wrote this blog in 2015. That is a long time ago, especially on the internet. My opinions may have changed since then. Technological progress may have made this information completely obsolete. Proceed with caution.

So, I’m blogging again. Yay!

It has been a little over a year since I took my last website off the internet. This time around, I plan to focus only on things related to software development. No movie or video game reviews, no family photos, no introspective blogging on my birthday, no political opinions (except maybe in the cases where it relates directly to software development—maybe).

If you’re wondering about the URL ampersand.space: pretty much everything I could think of with a dot com was taken. I noticed dot space in the list of affordable TLDs in my registrar of choice (Namecheap). It is supposed to be for websites about space exploration and astronomy... but it also works for making a domain name that is thoroughly confusing to say aloud.

This site is obviously still a work in progress. The current UI, that I threw together in a few hours, is supposed to evoke one of those low-res eighties-beige CRT monitors with green text. I intentionally broke a few UX guidelines, because that is how trendsetters set trends.

My feed is available at ampersand.space/feed.