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Here are a few projects that I've worked on in my spare time.


This is an application allowing you to pick the notes in a guitar chord, and it shows the possible names for that chord, and also allows you to hear what the chord will sound like.


This is an application allowing you to display the current time in many time zones in the system tray.

Mini Calendar

This is an application allowing you to generate a 3-centimeter-wide calendar—perfect for affixing to the side of your monitor.

Fretboard Mapper

Generates a printable map of all the notes in a given scale/mode, for any particular tuning.

Big Fraction

A Java library representing unlimited precision fractions. Available via Maven Central.

JSON Formatter

A very lightweight app to prettify/uglify JSON data directly in the browser.

Quick Replace

A powerful in-browser regular expression evaluator, hidden behind an opaque developer UI. (I wrote this for me so I don't have any plans to make the UI more user-friendly. Sorry not sorry.)

Blank Tab Generator

A ligthweight app to create printable blank guitar tabs.

Half a Lifetime

This is a simple app that figures out the exact date that was half a lifetime ago for you.