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Warning: I wrote this blog in 2019. That is a long time ago, especially on the internet. My opinions may have changed since then. Technological progress may have made this information completely obsolete. Proceed with caution.

My most popular contribution to Stack Overflow, by far, is an answer to the question “How to add 30 minutes to a JavaScript Date object?”. That answer turns ten years old today. It has reached over half a million developers, and earned me over eight thousand fake internet points.

I kind of stopped being active on the site something like 8-9 years ago, though. I mainly use it passively now—I only go there when Google results send me there. I do still maintain my old answers if someone adds a comment saying there is an issue with it, although I usually won’t see those comments until the next time I end up on Stack Overflow and notice a red number in the header.