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Warning: I wrote this blog in 2010. That is a long time ago, especially on the internet. My opinions may have changed since then. Technological progress may have made this information completely obsolete. Proceed with caution.

It’s amazing how often, as a programmer, I find myself pasting something into Notepad, then pressing Down, Home, Ctrl+V, over and over and over. (Or a variant, like Down/End/Ctrl+V, or End/Comma/Delete, or F3/Ctrl+V/Enter, etc.) It gets very tedious, and sometimes requires me to write an adhoc Perl script to do it. Yesterday I had the idea to finally just take a few hours to write a simple tool that I should have written years ago.

I give you: QuickReplace

It’s really simple. Just paste text into the first big text area, and then it will be filtered and displayed in the lower text area. There are three types of filters: text that is prepended or appended to each line; a simple search/replace (with and allowed), and a full-on regex substitution. And everything is updated as you type it, so you can see the effects of the filters as you enter them. (This really helps when you haven’t written a regex in a month or so.)

Everything is done in Javascript so the page is completely self-contained—you can view source and save a local copy if you wish. (It does require an internet connection, as it uses Google-hosted jQuery.) It’s also kind of a work in progress that might at any time be edited on the fly. Consider yourself warned.