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More on HTML5 video

Warning: I wrote this blog in 2011. That is a long time ago, especially on the internet. My opinions may have changed since then. Technological progress may have made this information completely obsolete. Proceed with caution.

Four months ago I blogged about the frustrations of using HTML5 video. I said at the time that I have to transcode the video into 4.1 different formats (mp4, ogv, webm, flv, and jpg). However, I was reminded today (at NC Dev Con) that Flash supports h.264, which is to say, MP4. So I don’t need to transcode to FLV for the Flash player fallback; I can just send the MP4 file to the flash player. So I’ve updated the player on my site to drop the need for FLV. I’ve also switched my flash player from OSFLV to the nicer Flowplayer. Not that you would notice any of this, unless you’re using IE 6/7/8.